Gili Ben-Yosef, Consultant

Gili Ben-Yosef is an experienced change management and organizational development consultant, with expertise in internal and change communications, employee engagement and helping leaders strategically manage transitions without losing sight of their most important asset – their people. 

Gili has worked as a consultant and internally to help leaders and organizations from various industries manage change and employee morale during acquisitions; design and implement communications plans; develop employee value propositions and create employer branding collateral; design training programs for leaders to equip them to manage teams through change; transition international employees to new technology platforms; introduce new company strategy to a dispersed global workforce, and more. Her clients have included FedEx, Johnson Controls, Hess, Weight Watchers, Quest Diagnostics and Cessna. 

Gili holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology-Based Human Relations from Connecticut College and a Master of Arts in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.