Manish Arneja, Consultant

Manish Arneja is a Certified Change Management Professional, Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and Ontological Performance Coach with 15 years of experience in Organizational Change and Leadership Effectiveness.

Prior to becoming a full-time change consultant, facilitator and coach Manish was Regional General Manager (Asia, Middle East, Africa) - Organizational Development for Fonterra, a top tier multi-national consumer goods company.

He started his career in the hospitality industry where he led a sales expansion and transformation project for Diageo in Asia before transitioning to a Change Management leadership position in Europe. After several years as an organizational change and leadership consultant in London, Manish returned to Asia to work in regional roles developing global talent & and driving the global organizational development and change strategies for British American Tobacco (BAT) and then Fonterra.

Manish has worked with senior level executives in 11 countries including UK, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Philippines, Korea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Romania & India. With this broad global experience and his experience as both an internal and external consultant, Manish does an excellent job quickly understanding and building trust with his clients, regardless of level, industry or geography.

With his wealth of change experience, Manish understands human behavior, organizational design and systems, team dynamics and leadership development.  He has delivered keynotes on managing change and engaging employees at various conferences including HR Summit, Change and Talent Conferences in Singapore, U.K. and Malaysia. His passion and goal is to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Manish is based in Singapore and holds an MBA from Asian Institute of Management with additional post-graduate qualifications in Organizational Development from Heriot-Watt University, UK.