Doreen Teo

Doreen Teo has built her career working with organizations to maximize the potential and performance of their leaders and executives through her coaching and facilitation.

An accredited coach with counseling background, she coaches leaders and executives to achieve breakthroughs at various stages of their career and thrive on challenging changes in their leadership and organizations. As a facilitator, Doreen helps organizations increase their leadership capability and runs workshops on topics related to intra-interpersonal effectiveness.

Throughout her career, she has facilitated a variety of leadership development workshops, worked with participants from various employment levels and backgrounds, and has facilitated in 12 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam) in addition to her home country of Singapore.

Prior to being a coach and facilitator, Doreen held a leadership role with Human Dynamic, an Employee Assistant Program provider that helps organizations in fast-paced high-risk industries improve the psychological wellness of their employees.  She started her career with the Singapore Armed Forces Counselling Centre to provide counselling for soldiers in need and training for self and people management.    Her first involvement in change management was when she was seconded to the Ministry of Defence in 2000 in a ministry-wide project to change the life-long employment culture to that of life-long employability, impacting thousands of employees.

Doreen is an ICF accredited coach and a Corporate Coach U Graduate (CCUG).   She received her Master of Education degree in Training and Development from the University of Sheffield, UK and earned an Honors degree in Philosophy and Bachelor degree in social work from the National University of Singapore.   She is certified to administer the Workplace Big Five Profile, Life Styles Inventory (LSI) and Group Styles Inventory (GSI).