Notion Consulting Joins Sia Partners

As of January 2024, Notion Consulting joins Sia Partners, a leading international, independent next-gen management and AI consulting firm.

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The Human Side of Change Management

We are an agile team of fresh thinkers who guide change with a unique combination of razor-sharp organizational expertise, creative communication, and strategic thinking about how to harness the best of their teams to do amazing things

Our team members come to change management from many angles. We know what it’s like to approach issues from both a consultant’s perspective and as a member of an organization, so we cleanly bridge the divide between strategic ideals and the tactical realities to get to a solution that’s tailored to your unique situation.

Our work-from-anywhere team also knows what it means to align our time and space with the work we perform, and we’re ready to bring this real-world experience to your organization as you shift into the future of work. We challenge your thinking about the status quo in a way that feels safe and doable. When the going gets tough, we’re right by your side, helping you maintain perspective with good humor and grace.

We’ve been there, and we know how you can do it.

Our Values

Our ultimate goal at Notion is to do incredible work while living incredible lives—and to share that gift with everyone we work with. We value:

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Change in the Workplace

Top of mind research about leadership and change, gathered from our vast network of corporate executives, change management professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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Make Change Human

Disruption is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be dehumanizing. We create structures for change that never forget the people behind the movement you’re building.

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