What It Means to Work Human

At Notion, we believe that our best work is accomplished when we can be our full, true selves at work. We value diverse backgrounds, opinions, and working styles—and we create a supportive, open environment where the sky’s the limit on great ideas. We’re also big fans of creating respectful boundaries between work and life that give us time to rest, rejuvenate, and grow.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Notion is more than an idea about work. It’s a vibe that resonates throughout everything we do. You have to experience it to understand—especially if you’ve never had the opportunity to work human.

Freedom to Grow

As recovering perfectionists, we know that it takes real courage to try something new. We provide a safe space for emotional and intellectual risk-taking, because it’s the only way to evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Time to Think

Everyone has a different working style, and we respect the need to preserve time throughout the day for deep work, solo projects, and lifelong learning. Collaboration is key, but we never expect anyone to sacrifice themselves to work.

Space to Connect

From Mindful Meetups and lunchtime walk-and-talks to our annual in-person summit, our first priority is caring for each other and our clients. We work hard, have fun, and share the joy of building something new—together.

Opportunity to Build

As a small entrepreneurial business, everyone on the team is expected to be their own mini CEO, be an ambassador for the brand, and help build the Notion of the future.

A Seat at the Table

We are sitting around boardroom tables with C-Suite executives at blue-chip companies, helping them hash through their biggest human behavior change challenges.

Be Your Whole Self

If you believe in change and are looking for a place to bring all of your passions and talents to the table, we’d love to meet you—human to human.

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We Make Change Happen

We specialize in empowering organizations to harness the full power of their people to drive change, advance their mission and unleash their competitive edge.

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