Accelerating Strategy Implementation

We accelerate the behavior change required to transform strategy, especially when it comes to:

  • Evolving the operating model for critical business functions, like Finance, Operations, IT, Procurement, Sales & Marketing.
  • Integrating two or more organizations following a merger or acquisition.
  • Transitioning work to shared services organizations or outsourcing it to external partners.
  • Engaging with customers or consumers in new markets, or through new channels.

A focus on change management when it comes to transforming strategy, can ensure:

Executive buy-in and alignment
Speedy implementation
Tangible results or ROI
Leadership Team Misalignment

The senior leaders in your company are all saying that they are aligned with the strategic vision but when it comes do the day-to-day, they’re having trouble putting new mindsets and behaviors into action.

Analysis Paralysis

Every time it seems like the organization is ready to move forward, someone brings in a new set of information to consider and incorporate into the plan forward.

Lagging Timeline

Initial transformation milestones and timelines continue to shift.

Missed Financial Goals or Targets

Transformation budgets, cost-savings targets or revenue-generation goals are at risk and there is pressure to reassess and adjust them.

Challenges With Trust or Credibility

Team members are questioning decisions, raising challenges, issues, concerns and points of resistance indirectly, through “back-channel” conversations.

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