Jen Hand

Jennifer Hand is a seasoned expert in change management, leadership development, and employee engagement and has spent over 15 years helping leaders optimize the employee experience during times of change.

Prior to joining Notion, Jen spent much of her career in-house at American Express where she created and implemented leadership development programs, large scale change management programs, and employee relations initiatives in the US and abroad. While on assignment in London, Jen built and executed a large-scale change management and communication strategy for a global technology implementation impacting 60,000 employees.  She later returned to New York, where she led employee development and engagement efforts for the company’s headquarters in downtown Manhattan.  Jen has blended the strategic and practical to create talent management strategies to address clients’ unique needs and challenges.   Jen’s experience, along with her thoughtful and approachable style, has positioned her as a trusted advisor to both leaders and employees.

Jen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from University of Delaware.

Outside of work, Jen loves running, long walks in the woods, and losing herself in a book. She is passionate about helping kids in need and serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in New Jersey.  Jen is a wife and mom of two and looks forward to annual family ski and beach adventures.