5 Ways Small Consulting Firms Show Up Big in the C-Suite

/ Christine Andrukonis

It’s Small Business Month, a good time to recognize what smaller consulting firms bring to the corporate table in big ways – especially those that are women- and minority-owned.

Here’s what a few of our clients – all C-suite executives –told us they value and can’t get from the big guys:

1. Diversity of thought.

Small consulting firms don’t deliver cookie-cutter solutions. They bring a diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences that may not exist in many board rooms or on the executive teams of large consulting firms.

2. Willingness to challenge the status quo.

Small consulting firms are not worried about corporate politics. Instead, they are driven and motivated by a strong sense of purpose, and often unwilling to work with clients who aren’t open to hearing the honest, unvarnished, helpful truth.

3. Agility.

Small consulting firms are not hampered by layers of hierarchy or big operational teams. They can act swiftly and at the fast pace required in today’s environment.

4. Pragmatism.

Small consulting firms are practical and on point, ready and able to meet clients where they are, and can provide laser focus on the things that matter most from day one.

5. Value.

Small consulting firms bring senior-level advisors and top talent to every engagement and never pad a project with junior level deck-makers filling time.

Granted, large consulting firms bring a lot to the table, too, like deep research teams and brand status. But when you need a sage (read: smart, fearless, out-of-the-box) advisor with a diverse perspective and the ability to roll up their sleeves to get things done in an objective, collaborative and practical way, there’s nothing like working with a small consulting firm. And we’re kinda partial to those that are woman- or minority-owned!