Want to Get Ahead? Learn How to Reinvent Yourself.

/ Christine Andrukonis

In a world of constant change – the only career story that can really drive your success is the one you write yourself.

Roles and positions are changing quickly, requiring new and different skill sets.

Big data and analytics, technology, and consumer demands, among other disruptors, are fundamentally changing the ways business gets done today. With this unprecedented level of change, new skill sets and roles are emerging almost daily.

Career success now depends on becoming a master of reinvention.

Old career paths, which used to be defined by an individual mastering a set of predetermined skill sets, are becoming obsolete. Now, individual career success depends on how quickly you can let go of old roles and responsibilities and quickly learn and apply new skills as they become relevant in the workplace.

This requires a clear sense of who you are, a flexible vision for where you want to go, and the confidence to get there.

To reinvent and adopt the new skills required to be successful in a constantly evolving economy, you must:

  1. Understand yourself. You need to honestly assess your personal strengths, opportunities for development and career goals.
  2. Have a flexible vision. Even if you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you need to at least have a broad set of aspirations for the type of career you’d like – including the people you’d like to work with, environment you’d like to work in, things you’d like to learn, things you’d like to contribute, etc.
  3. Have the confidence to get there. Perhaps most importantly, you need to find your own internal source of strength and let go of self-doubt. You’ll need to channel your inner fortitude to tell your own story, frame your accomplishments, and express your trajectory in a clear and compelling way.

The ever-accelerating speed of business demands that each of us understand and advocate for our own unique paths – paths that can evolve and shift over time to remain relevant and carry us into an uncertain future.

Ultimately, we all want to be recognized for who we are and for the contributions we can make. We want meaningful, challenging work that aligns our own aspirations with the future of business. When we feel empowered to drive our own careers, we can remain valuable, engaged contributors who are constantly learning and evolving, no matter what changes the future brings.