The Power of the Simplest Act

/ Christine Andrukonis

The Time of Covid has spawned The Great Resignation, which in turn has churned organizational change in every industry. For many, the pandemic has not only changed how people work, but left many asking why…or more to the point, why here.

A recent study points out the simplest of conclusions: gratitude. And National Employee Appreciation Day, Friday, March 4, offers us a chance to remind you of some of the simplest ways you can express your thanks to the people in your organization.

Celebrate small.

Even little contributions are worth a big thanks. Let individuals know you noticed the little things that make your day better and your team more successful.

Focus your next 1:1.

Tell them virtually face-to-face how lucky you are to have them on your team. Verbal communication, especially in this manner, may feel uncomfortable at first, but the personal recognition will go a long way in expressing gratitude.

Don’t forget your leaders.

People in leadership positions may not always hear a sincere and gracious “thank you.” A kind word over a cup of coffee can go a long way – especially in times of change.

Hand-write a thank you card.

The price of a stamp is barely a blip when it comes to employee retention! Your direct-reports, special project teams and stand-out performers will shine even brighter with this personal touch.

Hand-write a thank you card – Part 2.

Ask your direct reports to make this part of their everyday practice – and hold them to it. Set a standard of at least one or two personal touches a week.

Send a thoughtful email.

In an age where everyone is connected digitally, email is still a meaningful way to communicate. In fact, with remote working, a personal email from you to your direct reports will speak volumes of your kindness and instill confidence.

Recognize each person’s superpower.

In an email or team meeting, take a moment to name and appreciate the impact of each employee’s unique skills.

Give them a day off.

And that means 100% off. When you offer an additional day of paid-time-off, explain why you are thankful for their dedication and contributions.

While Employee Appreciation Day brings attention to the importance of expressing gratitude, it’s really a 365-day commitment. Recognize exactly how our people are driving change, every day, and what we as leaders can do to support them.

For more ideas about how to accelerate change by supporting and recognizing your people, contact Notion.