Jen Hand, Consultant

Jen Hand is a seasoned expert in change management, leadership development, and organizational design and has spent over 15 years helping leaders optimize the employee experience during times of change.  

Prior to becoming a consultant, Jen spent much of her career in-house at American Express where she developed and implemented leadership development programs, large scale change management programs, and employee relations initiatives in the US and abroad. While on assignment in London, Jen built and executed a large-scale change management and communication strategy for a global technology implementation impacting 60,000 employees.  Ensuring that the employees weren’t left behind in the implementation, Jen focused on developing the training and leadership development programs needed for success.  She later returned to New York, where she led employee development and engagement efforts for the company’s headquarters in downtown Manhattan.    

Jen has developed and implemented change and communication strategies for a number of large scale transformational efforts, most recently for a $1 billion company-wide reorganization.  She worked with the clients’ HR leaders on the redesign of the company’s operating model and organization structure, and created a set of HR guidelines and processes to ensure the success of the shifts once implemented. 

With her firsthand experience as a trusted advisor to a number of senior executives including CHROs, Heads of Technology, etc, Jen understands how leaders think and what they need to help their teams understand and adopt change. 

Jen is passionate about blending the strategic and practical to create and implement useful tools for leaders and employees alike.

Jen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from University of Delaware.   In the past year, Jen has been excited to work with clients such as Estee Lauder, BNP Paribas, and Alliance Bernstein.