Building Change Capability During a Merger

The Challenge

An Ivy League university was merging three schools to form a new College of Business that would lead the competition in size and capability.  The organization was experiencing significant pushback around this transformation, which was beginning to impact staff engagement, student experience and the external reputation of College. The Dean of the College and the HR leader sought to align the executive team around the vision and roadmap for change and equip College staff to successfully lead and navigate this change, so they could accomplish transformation goals with minimal disruption to the organization.

Notion Solution + Scope

a multi-session leadership alignment workshop series for the executive team, and a learning program to equip leaders to drive the change, and extended staff to fully adopt the new mindset, model, roles, responsibilities and ways of working of the college. 

a number of targeted change adoption sessions with the executive team and a handful of teams who experienced the most successful change – to address some tangible obstacles for success and empower them to embrace the future.


Project detail
Dean of the College of Business
Company Description
Ivy League University