Measuring Change: It’s as Important as Managing Change

/ Diana Vienne

How can you tell if the transformation you started is actually taking hold?  

Sure, you can ask around or conduct a focus group. But business runs on hard data.  And the same can be said for your change efforts. 

For that reason, the most successful change efforts we have seen are using a Transformation Dashboard.  This change measurement tool gives leaders the data they need to make decisions that will accelerate their transformation efforts as well as increase their effectiveness.  The Transformation Dashboard is based on a measurement strategy that links change success to business success and KPIs, and is built to measure three key areas:  

  1. Change Readiness – how ready your organization is for the change that is coming and how are they progressing in their ability to shift from awareness to action and advocacy. 
  2. Transformation Objectives – the extent to which the transformation initiative has achieved its objectives and the ‘change’ is now converted to BAU (business as usual).
  3. Business Outcomes – metrics that are customized to reflect the expected results that the transformation will accomplish over time. 

Data collected is based on a combined set of best practice and customized organizational metrics and KPIs, and the information is used to refine and hone the change and transformation strategy, incorporating changes into real time action.  The baseline change readiness assessment and subsequent data collection help leaders understand the starting point and the gaps that exist to drive toward the vision.  

The Transformation Dashboard works best when it is shared transparently with the organization and key stakeholders.  It is the most effective way to align expectations and drive accountability for change. 


  • The Transformation Dashboard does more than measure readiness for change; it measures integration so the client can keep tabs on business outcomes. 
  • The measurement strategy and dashboard enable customization of change solutions so clients can shift strategies when they see what’s working best.
  • The dashboard shows real results – the transparency drives accountability and demonstrates the confidence that the investment is delivering an ROI and making a difference.  

Adding this measurement component to any change effort will help organizations – and their project teams – monitor their success, pivot quickly to hit their transformation targets, and accelerate their efforts.  


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