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Christine Andrukonis didn’t see a path that allowed her to do the challenging work she craved while living the life she knew she wanted. So she created her own.

It all came to a head one Father’s Day weekend when Christine was asked at the last minute to travel to a client to put together a major piece of their communications strategy. She left her young child and newborn with her husband and hit the road to take care of this business emergency. Suddenly Christine was mediating arguments among stressed-out clients and putting the finishing touches on the CEO’s speech in the wee hours of the morning—all while having to stop every few hours to seek out a place to pump so she could continue to nurse her baby when she got back home.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Christine thought. “You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to add value to the whole.”

So she set out on her own to create something new: a company that would help leaders make real and difficult change, while still honoring the people who came together to do the hard work behind that transformation. This would be a new company that walked the walk when it came to structuring work and rewards to fit within a real, well-lived life.

Like Christine, Diana Vienne had worked in the corporate world and had found plenty of success, but she was burnt out after a long stint of intense work. Diana had a long-time entrepreneurial drive that hadn’t been fulfilled, so when Christine brought her ambitious idea to the table, Diana was ready to dive in. The two women formed a true 50-50 partnership, and Notion—the company built on the idea of making work more human—was born.

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