Accelerating Adoption of a New Reward Philosophy During a Period of Growth and Transformation

The Challenge

The Executive Team at a high-growth Silicon Valley technology company was transforming and scaling to meet market demands in a sustainable way. This  included the transition to a new reward philosophy that relied less on start-up equity grants and more on culture and the total reward package. The Head of Total Reward sought help accelerating the change of mindsets, behavior and expectations to minimize negative perception of the philosophy shift and maintain successful talent acquisition, engagement and retention in a competitive labor market, during this period of significant growth and transformation.  

Notion Solution + Scope

the c-suite to learn about the company transformation the risks and opportunities associated with talent acquisition, retention and engagement (especially as it relates to the Total Reward policies and programs).

a change vision and roadmap to help address risks to retention, acquisition, and engagement, including a stakeholder impact assessment.

a robust communications and engagement strategy and plan for the change rollout for individual stakeholder groups.

the change by creating key messaging and talking points, FAQs, and discussion decks to help leaders lead through the change and develop change capabilities that would increase adoption.

adoption through a People Manager survey.

Project detail
Culture Change
Head of Total Reward
Company Description
High-growth Silicon Valley technology company