Accelerating a Culture of Empowerment, Collaboration & Simplicity

The Challenge

The Oncology Business Unit at a global pharmaceutical company was transforming culture to drive greater colleague empowerment, global collaboration and simplicity.  The Head of the Oncology Business Unit sought help accelerating behavior change across geographies, functions and teams to ensure full adoption of new mindsets, behaviors and ways of working and increase leader and colleague satisfaction and engagement during a time of change.

Notion Solution + Scope

the existing organizational culture, identified the gap between where they were and where they needed to go and helped create the roadmap for change and mobilized the organization toward action .

with a cross functional team and the Business Unit President on assessing stakeholders and employees.

with the leadership team to determine priorities and roadblocks and created an action plan giving full accountability for success to leaders.

change through bimonthly Change Readiness and Adoption pulses administered over 6 months

a metrics scorecard and ongoing impact check-ins.


Project detail
Culture Change
Oncology Business Unit Head
Company Description
Fortune 500 Global Pharmaceutical Company