Accelerating a Global IT Transformation

The Challenge

The global IT organization at a global, multi-brand luxury beauty company was transforming to drive speed and scale across the organization and help position the company as a workplace of choice. They were implementing  4 key changes: strengthening external partnerships to improve technology infrastructure effectiveness and efficiency; building in-house tech hubs to accelerate product innovation and development; redesigning organizational structure, roles, responsibilities and ways of working to improve agility and elevate technology across the business. The Chief Information Officer sought help accelerating behavior change to ensure full adoption of the changes while retaining top talent and maintaining employee engagement. ​

Notion Solution + Scope

leadership alignment to define the vision and brand of the transformation, as well as the change impacts and measurable desired outcomes.

robust global change strategy and plan, including leadership alignment and engagement activities to equip leaders to lead the change and empower their teams.

the change through various vehicles, including activation toolkits, Leading Change training and sessions and communications.

the change through robust metrics and dashboards focused on organizational readiness and true business results (e.g., digital talent, cloud acceleration, and quality.)

internal change capability and a playbook to sustain the change in the long-term, enabling a method for continuous transformation in the future.

Project detail
Chief Information Technology Officer
Company Description
Forturn 500 Global Luxury Beauty Company